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I’m Sean,


I’ve been teaching kiteboarding here at the Delaware beaches for the last 10 years.  Over the years I’ve developed teaching methods to help my students reach their goal of becoming safe and independent kiteboarders.  If you’re interested in learning kiteboarding I would love to teach you and pass on the joy of this sport!   I will be your instructor and biggest fan!

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NEW FOR 2022!!! eFoiling!!

New this season, we’re adding eFoiling to the school!  EFoiling is a really fun low/no wind activity for anyone and everyone.  It’s easy to learn and really fun to ride, most students are up and foiling the first day. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced rider, like calm flat waters or riding big surf, the eFoil does it all!  It’s also a great starting point for kite foiling and other wind foiling sports as you can learn to ride just the foil.  So it’s kiteboarding when it’s windy, efoiling when it’s not and stoke all season long!  Learn more on the Efoil tab in the menu. 



Delaware sets up perfect for kiteboarding, you can kite any wind direction within a few miles travel, there’s slicks, wave spots, and everything in between, Delaware has a lot to offer a kiteboarder at any level.  Got Wind’s lessons are done at the Delaware beaches in several locations depending on wind direction, but primarily in the Rehoboth Bay.  



Rehoboth Bay in Delaware is one of the best places around to learn kiteboarding, people travel from all over to learn and progress at this beginner friendly spot.  The bay has warm shallow waters, a sandy bottom, relatively flat water, low traffic, and is very spacious. This location allows us to do kiteboarding lessons comfortably in waist high water with plenty of room.  After your lesson it’s a great place to continue your progression until you’re ready for deep water. Most of our lessons will be run in this body of water.




Cape Henlopen in Lewes, Delaware is the other local shallow water area , it has shallow water in its lower tides and on occasion is used as a launch for lessons.  This is one of the best sites for NW wind in the region which is a common wind in the fall time.  The water ranges from flat water, to rolling wind swell, to standing waves depending on the tide and where you’re riding.  The site itself is beautiful and should be visited by every kiter in the area atleast once, it’s the best launch Delaware has to offer and the variety of riding you can do in one area is unmatched.


There’s lots of other launches in the area, be sure to check out the kite map in the useful links for specifics on each site.