Kiteboarding Lessons & Rates


In-Season Rates (Memorial day – Labor day)

Weekday (monday – friday) – $115/hr  and  $320/3hrs

Weekend (saturday & sunday) – $130/hr  and  $360/3hrs

Off-Season Rate



The shallow learning grounds in Delaware can only be kited in onshore winds.  To run a beginner water lesson we will need the wind to be out of the S, SW, W, NW or N directions.  We’ll also need that wind to be averaging 12kts or more.  Local forecasting tools can be found in the useful links section.

Lessons are run with helmets equipped with hands free BBtalkin intercom systems for quick and easy coaching.

Payments can be made with Paypal, Vemno, or Cash.  If you’re planning on using paypal or venmo, be sure that the app is updated and ready to go on mobile.

Water shoes are needed for water lessons and up to the student to bring.  Wetsuits and any other seasonal comfort gear are also up to the student to bring.  An inexpensive pair of sunglasses is a good idea.

All kiteboarding gear for lessons will be provided.   If you have your own gear and would prefer to learn on it you can at the instructors discretion.

Generally beginner water lessons are run in 3 hour blocks.  Most students will be able to safely fly the kite by the end of the first lesson.  The time it takes to get up and ride varies a lot from person to person.  Some athletic people with good backgrounds are able to get up first day while others can take a few lessons.  Trainer and stunt kite experience along with a variety of board riding experience will help accelerate the learning curve.

All lessons are private and will be customized to the students current skill level.

Private group lessons are available, each additional person will be an added $50 to the total cost of the lesson.  *Note there can only be one kite per instructor so students will be sharing kite time.

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Specialty Classes

Jumping, freestyle, and wave riding classes are available at seasonal rates.

Kite Store

Got Wind Kiteboarding is an official dealer of some of the biggest brands in the sport.  We offer excellent deals on new and used equipment for our students. School equipment is sold and replaced every 3 to 6 months and is often available at discounted rates.